About Us

Alniff Industries Pte Ltd is established in 1992.
Throughout these years, Alniff Industries has grown tremendously despite that we are a young company. With our enthusiasm, aggressiveness and flexibility, Alniff is keeping a good name in this industry and has out stand from out competitors, as we believe in providing the best quality of goods, solutions and services to every single customer. As such, we have established good contact base with reputable companies like Energizer Singapore Pte Ltd, IBM International Holdings, Hewlett Packard Singapore Pte Ltd, SBS Transit Pte Ltd, Grundfos Singapore Pte Ltd, Jurong Shipyard Pte Ltd, government bodies and etc. Our customer base is not only in Singapore, but we also supply goods and equipments to overseas market such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, India, Australia and etc.
Today, our vast experience and expertise allow us to undertake everything from concept, design to installation, servicing, training and especially with the back up of our strong and efficient team.
Our philosophy is to assist all our valued customers by tailor solutions to suit their individual applications, in helping them to increase their productivity, minimize overhead cost and wok load.
We are always aiming at improving efficiency and overall performance to achieve maximize customer satisfaction with the most efficient and best back-up service you ever find in this market!
We guarantee that Alniff. Is certainly a name you can rely on!


Tel: 6744 4288
Fax: 6744 2298
Email: sales@alniff.com.sg